Zulu Ceremony – Nqwazisa & Tree Speak

Thank you everyone for the responses

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to the Ancestors guidance/message, we sincerely appreciate the responses.

A week ago we attended a special ceremony that was held by Africa Shaman Experience elder, Makhosi Mncwabe (pictured in the photograph).
There are a

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few ceremonies which happen during the traditional wedding process, and sometimes these can take time to complete…
The ceremony that she had to do was Nqwazisa which means ‘the head cover’; this is done by the fiancés family, where they give the wife to be something to cover the head because it is a sacred part of the woman; it as a sign of respect to the wife to be and her ancestors coming in to the family of the fiancé.

Although Makhosi Mncwabe has been married to her husband for a long time and had children and grandchildren, still this ceremony needed to be completed in the ancestral process, so there would be no future ancestral problems for their children.

Other gifts are then given to both the husband and wife, the families exchange gifts in thanks for the joining of the family and ancestors; this is known as uKwaba iSigcawu; which translates as gift giving and is a ceremony which Sangomas also do at the end of their various training processes.

These ceremonies are important to the ancestral practice of the families but also have greater relevance in the principles of Ubuntu which involve community; the ceremony is open to the whole community which then arrive at the home and

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are fed and taken care of while they are in the home of the Nqwazisa ceremony. Elder and child get to mingle and share the celebration strengthening the bonds of Ubuntu. It is well known that no one should leave the ceremony hungry or neglected.

The ceremony is 2-3 days in total as various parts are specific to the ancestors and then at other times to living family members; dancing and singing takes place at chosen spaces by specific members of the community such as the young unmarried girls.

We watched Makhosi Mncwabe’s husband being covered with the gift of a blanket symbolising his welcoming into her bed or traditionally sleeping mat; this was followed by a ‘pretend beating’ (more of a tickle really) with sticks by the women of the community which was accompanied by huge amounts of laughter! This particular part of the ceremony represents him being ‘caught’ by the family of the woman as her suitor. There are many more parts all representing different aspects of the whole courting and marriage process.

For anyone wanting to learn more about Rituals, Sacred Sites, African tradition, African Shamanism and their personal relationship with their ancestors and how to work with them; the mentorship correspondence course is for you… http://africashamanexperience.com/the-african-zulu-shamanism-mentorship-program

The forest is alive with new leaf and life as Summer kicks in and the ‘tree speak’ is very loud at this time.

The White Stink wood tree iKgolo is connected to the female divine and the goddess; and is seen as a sacred female presence in the forest. It is also a powerful medicine which goes into many muthis in the Sangoma tradition, but especially ancestors medicines and female medicines. The white Stink wood has strong associations with sacred sites also and at this time of year she is glowing with new leaf and singing with the notes of the running stream, embodying the sheer joy of being a tree in the forest.

Sitting near the iKgolo tree leaves you with a feeling of renewal and childlike pleasure at being so close to one so gentle…

It is with great humbleness that we thank the forest ancestors for their medicine on all levels and their whispers of wisdoms which float down from the canopy and rise up from the roots to meet us in our hearts…

For anyone wanting further guidance or a personal

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reading and consultation with a Sangoma; http://africashamanexperience.com/consulting-a-sangoma-reading-divination-and-ancestral-spirits

‘Ubuntu principle “all that one lives for is to be the best that one can be”. This piece of wisdom touches meaning of life and to be in peace with oneself. It is an encouragement for a person to endeavour excelling in whatever one is doing, and not to stress about irrelevant issues.’
Johann Broodryk

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