Visits & Ceremony

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We recently spent the last 10 days up at the Africa Shaman Retreat in ceremony for a student that was doing their Phothula ceremony and a completion of a stage of their training…
During this time so many things happened and the magic of spirit work and the mountains was felt.

We completed this process over a weekend with Amahlubi community attending and Sangomas that are part of the Africa Shaman Experience family.
There was a great sense of transformation during this time for all involved including the land…
The Induna of the community was there and excited to tell us at the end of it all that he felt the land shift too, and that by looking at the new moon which was then surfacing, he saw that our ceremony would bring heavy rain…
Within 3 days, the rains came and we remembered the Induna’s words…

The rains gave us time to gather together in the Makhosini (place of the ancestors) and work on sacred bead work and medicines. Patients have been coming to see us from the community almost every day that we are there.
As we left we looked back to see snow dusting the top of the rocky high Drakensberg, building mists and cloud that would drop rain and cool winds further south.

We will take on new students for the mentorship at the end of this month and beginning of June, so if you are wanting to start the mentorship, please let us know via email.

For anyone wanting to learn more about Rituals, Sacred Sites, African tradition, African Shamanism and their personal relationship with their ancestors and how to work with them; the mentorship correspondence course is for you…

Building is continuing slowly, with drier weather another layer of mud can be added to the walls of the Makhosini structure and the thatching completed…
We then will start with skeleton structures for accommodation huts, the skeleton being made of wattle which is growing in the area.
We have noticed the difference that it has made to the stream that runs on site through the land, as we have been taking wattle from there and the stream is definitely beginning to show signs of holding more water.

Working with the land slowly and intimately has given us a greater understanding of how she holds energy and how important the whole relationship between rock, ground and water is. We have had to look carefully at the water flows and how the rocks are placed which strengthen the ground.

A ceremony was also held by the Amahlubi community for the coming Winter. This ceremony deals with the waters of the hills and the relationship they have to frost, so that each home in the valley will protected from frost that can threaten the livestock in the home. This is an ancient process which is conducted by the King and the people chosen to help hold the necessary ceremony specifics. We were asked provide something from the homestead for the ritual and this was then taken to the King.
We were told all was successful!

For anyone wanting further guidance or a personal reading and consultation with a Sangoma;

The earth is not ours, it is a treasure we hold in trust for future generations. ~ Namibia

We have created a sister FaceBook page for the Retreat so that you can check in regularly with all the happenings at the retreat with lots of photos and details. Please take a look and click the ‘like’ if inspired.


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