The Ocean – Ulwandle

In the time of equinox and the shifting of days; Africa Shaman Experience has been gathering energy for ceremony at the weekend.
We are looking forward to the Medicinal Plant workshop on Saturday and then Ancestral ceremony over the weekend.
We are heading in to ”Umandula” beginning about 29th September, the surprising moon. This is a time where the weather can be unpredictable in KwaZulu-Natal, thunder storms are not generally expected and if they do occur this is seen as a surprise. To ‘Wancula’, is for one man to strike another before he is aware of his intention, and the storms are seen to behave the same way, hence the name of this particular moon cycle.

We visited the Indian Ocean to greet the great ancestors there and touch our hearts with her waters.
The Ocean has great significance in the Zulu tradition; the Zulu word for ocean is ‘ulwandle’ and for Sangomas in general, it is seen as a place of great power and spirit energy. Many wisdoms are spoken of as existing with the beings that live in the oceanic dimension; and often the Sangoma will get called to go to a particular beach to do ceremony with the ancestors there.
Dolphins and Whales are traditionally highly revered and have been known to impart wisdoms to Sangomas who are specifically called to receive this gift. There are stories of great beings who come from the sea to teach the people wisdoms that

help all of humanity.
The sea also seen as the place to receive great healings and clearing that will empower a person; as Sangomas we will take clients to the sea for cleansings and empowerment as guided by the ancestors. This treatment generally comes up in a reading, as requested by the ancestors.
Sea water itself is seen as a great medicine and is collected by the Sangomas to be used with other medicines for certain ailments; shells and other forms of sea life that get washed up are also seen as having medicinal properties.
There are also powerful medicinal plants which grow at or near sea; these plants are seen as particularly high in there energetic vibration.
The calling of the sea is a powerful one for any Sangoma and during ceremony requires a courageous heart as the waves seem to gain power as you connect with the ancestral beings; the other Sangomas will hold on tightly as you address the great ocean, just in case a wave comes to take you to the other-worlds that are part of the Ocean. There are many stories of African Shamans who have disappeared in such a way. Sometimes they return with great other-worldly wisdoms to help the people, others never come back to this world.
For anyone wanting to learn more about Rituals, Sacred Sites, African tradition, African Shamanism and their personal relationship with their ancestors and how to work with them; the mentorship correspondence course is for you…

We have been very quiet with the ancestors guidance that we have been sending out before; this is a temporary pause and now the ancestors have indicated that we must start sending it out again, so please look out for it soon.
Earths ancestral heart has been feeling the heart break of humanity which seems to be occurring and in her most gentle and nurturing way has been adjusting to the increase of grief stricken emotions that are now intensifying; she has urged all those that can and do, to be even more diligent about their grounding or Earthing with her heart, and asks that we all be a little kinder to one another at this time.
For anyone wanting further guidance or a personal reading and consultation with a Sangoma;

“God has anointed your forehead, with the rainbow line Of the Goddess, and the mist that never gets finished, which is covering your feet.” Vilakazi- African Poet

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