The Great Forest – Hlatikulu

Thanks again everyone for responses and sharing!
Africa Shaman Experience was happy to have our first spring baby goat this week. It arrived in a bit of a cold snap, but was quickly taken into the hut with Mum to keep warm.
Goats are very sacred in the African tradition and very sacred to ancestral ceremony. Highly intelligent beings their medicine is very important especially to the homestead, ancestors and the Sangoma tradition. Their Zulu name Imbuzi, is related to their sacred purpose as ‘the questioner’, their gift to speak with spirit.

We have been busy connecting with the forest and the medicines of the forest.
In Zulu tradition, the forest is the place of powerful medicine otherwise known as ‘muthi’, the elders say the darker or denser a forest is, the more powerful the life force is, and to dream of a dark forest when sleeping is a positive auspicious sign.
One of the hills above where we are relocating to is known as Hlatikulu – ‘The great forest’, the moment you enter the forest, the smell of the trees and forest

floor is overwhelming with pungent fragrance that most Sangomas will recognise from the muthi’s they use.
The forest is hard to walk in as it is so dense and steep, and under your feet a myriad of Muthi plants are presenting themselves.
Most of all spirit is felt at every rock and tree trunk; trees are considered ancestral too. Humanity has lived with and from the forest as far as ancestral memory goes back.
In the Nyassa country, where the ancestors are also revered, ceremonies are conducted and offerings placed not at the grave, but at the foot of the tree which grows before a house, or if that is unsuitable, beneath some especially sacred tree selected for the purpose. The nations of Congo adored a sacred tree called Mirrone, one being generally planted near the house, as if it were a person dwelling there. It is customary, also, to place calabashes of palm wine at the feet of these trees, in case they should be thirsty.
The African connection to trees is vast and deep, and so it should be with forests where such spirit and medicine lives.
For anyone wanting to learn more about Rituals, Sacred Sites, African and Zulu tradition, African Shamanism and their personal relationship with their ancestors and how to work with them; the mentorship correspondence course is for you…

One of the trees we will be studying in the workshop coming in a week’s time is Mganu-Amarula; best known for its fruit, it is a potent medicine that is widely used in Africa and is now being recognised in the rest of the world. The Amarula tree is fairly well known for its medicine. Its most common use is for diabetes. It is also used in the treatment of fevers, dysentery, pain relief, stomach complaints, heart problems and blood cleansing and more. It is also used in the treatment of Malaria.
It is an extremely good medicine in helping the release of negative emotions and thought patterns. It is often used in this capacity to help a patient to be relieved of negative energy, whether from themselves or an external situation.
There are still places free in the Medicinal Plant, 1 day workshop on Sat 15th Sept, sharing the basic principles of Zulu Sangoma medicine and some of the most important plants such as the Amarula. For more information, costs and location please email

At the end of September we will be holding retreat in Umngeni Valley and there are still places available. 3 day, 2 night retreat.
This is a sacred site to the Sangomas and San shamans. Umngeni Valley has since ancient time been sacred to the San, Nguni tribes and Zulu people. Hugely under pressure from development all around it, the Sangomas have been guided to make access to its wisdoms available in the hope that its recognition and awareness in the people will help to heal and protect it.
There are a limited number of places on this retreat; if you would like further details, costs and to book please email

“Kindness is a language which the blind can see and the deaf can hear.” ~ African Proverb

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  1. Martin Stompingelk Cline

    hello my friend..
    our Elders say we are the care takers of the Rooted ones..
    when we walk and see tree branches rubbing each other,
    we must stop this,because both will die,
    so if we sacrafice one to save one,this is caring for our Rooted brothers… just a quick short version!!
    marty stompingelk

    living in the cosmic swirl,
    going round and round,
    singing my song,
    Dancing my dance…

    Makhosi Sarah Wager posted in Ciracle
    Makhosi Sarah Wager 5:24am Sep 8
    🙂 “The elders say the darker or denser a forest is, the more powerful the life force is, and to dream of a dark forest when sleeping is a positive auspicious sign.” The Great Forest –
    Thanks again everyone for responses and sharing! Africa Shaman Experience was happy to have our fir…
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