Sacred Water Fall under threat – Update.

The Howick Waterfall, known to the Zulu as kwaNogqaza (the place of the tall one), culturally is one of the major tourist attractions of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands.

The Zulu people believe the Falls to be the abode of spirits and a giant, serpent creature known as the Inkanyamba. The word Inkanyamba means ‘source of light’.

It is considered dis-respectful to say the name Inkanyamba out loud, it is rather whispered, so as not to disturb the Ikanyamba’s awareness, or as such, wake it up. iZangoma come to the waterfall to honour

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the amathonga (spirits of the ancestors) and to honour the presence of the Inkanyamba. The

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Inkanyamba is seen as a guide and guardian of the waterfall, a being that is older than the occupation of man in this area.

A new proposed development currently threatens this sacred site.
They are proposing to construct a rope slide, an adrenalin rush ride across the gorge that leads to the waterfall itself. This is disturbing for all who consider this site sacred.

This site is considered sacred by the San bushmen, San cave paintings of the serpent are found in the Drakensberg. The Zulu and their traditional healers, the Sangomas also consider it highly sacred and in later times the Hindu community and increasingly global visitors who are drawn to the ancient wisdom that is held within the site.

The life energy of the site is one of transformation as well as stored memory of humanities activity around the site and earth rites that have been practiced there.

A race of ancient people is said to live there that are pale and pale haired in appearance, these people are said to be much older than the human race and have been within the waterfall for a very long time. They are said to be connected to us through ancient ancestry, one which we have long forgotten…

The serpent is connected to this race of people too, it is an energetic print that takes on physical form as and when necessary. It is guardian of the waterfall and the energy line that runs through it. This line runs all the way through to Giants Castle in the Drakensberg.

WE NEED YOUR VOICE. There is a meeting being held on the 5th Dec (Thurs)…

For those of you wanting to support and act in the protection of Howick Waterfall as a Sacred Site, no matter where you are in the world and have your voice, this is a perfect time to send emails voicing your view, these emails will

be taken into consideration at the meeting and possibly read out!


The emails must BE SENT BY 5th Dec THURSDAY MORNING.

The most imminent threat to the site is a proposed rope slide over the gorge that leads to the waterfall…

But please voice your feelings about any aspect of the threats to sacred sites, from this one and/or

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on a global scale.

Please send emails to Dear Sir/Madam… and ALL of the following addresses;


For anyone wanting further guidance or a personal reading and consultation with a Sangoma;

For anyone wanting to learn more about Rituals, Sacred Sites, African tradition, African Shamanism and their personal relationship with their ancestors and how to work with them; the mentorship correspondence course is for you…

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