Sacred Grass, Snow and Stars

There has been much excitement in South Africa as Snow fell in Johannesburg and other parts of the country in the last few days. We are coming towards the end of our Winter, but snow falls can happen in Kwa-Zulu Natal as late as September, especially in the mountains.

At Africa Shaman Experience we are

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investigating materials needed for building our retreat.
We plan to thatch roofs on many of the huts; this is an ancient and sacred process which has been part of the Zulu culture for a long time. The grass ‘utshani bokufulela’ is

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sacred to the Zulu people and connected to the Ancestors through its purpose as the roof which protects the home and holds space for all that happens inside the hut both physically and spiritually.
Special weaves are done in the thatching itself which tell the community about the home and family that live there. This is just so with a Sangomas home where you will find some grass in a reversed position at a specific place to denote that a Sangoma lives there. Other grasses are used to make knots and secure the thatch and all have a sacred purpose in the construction of the hut.

During September we will be holding two workshops;
A medicinal plant workshop sharing the basic principles of Zulu Sangoma medicine and some of the most important plants which are used in connection with the Amadlozi/Ancestors. For more information, dates, costs and location please email

We are also running a retreat at a sacred site in Umngeni Valley at the end of September. This valley is sacred to all the African peoples and is best understood by visiting it with the Sangomas and feeling the site through your own heart experience. The Umngeni River, valley and the specific camp site we will stay at all hold space for ancient wisdoms, and ancestral coding that deeply connects humanity to its roots. For confirmed dates, costs and detailed information please email

The amadlozi/ancestors have indicated that they are also about to step into a new level of activity with humanity and that this is necessary for the intensity of changes happening from now. The Amadlozi being the ‘desired ones’, so this includes some of the star nations connected to African Tradition.
There has also been increased energetic activity around the sacred sites due to this.
For anyone wanting to learn more about Zulu tradition, African Shamanism and their

personal relationship with their ancestors and how to work with them; the mentorship correspondence course is for you…

“Just about every African ethnic group is connected to the Sirius star system in one way or another. These can be found in their legends, their language and their culture…” quote ‘K’

For anyone wanting a personal reading and consultation with a Sangoma;



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