Rivers & Sacred Jackals

Its been a time of clearing out the old to make space for new journeys.
We are in the process of moving our work and home base from the current farm we live on to a new place…

This land here has been good to us and so we have been in full recognition of all that we have received here and what lessons we take with us. We will do one final small ritual at the river here to offer thanks, love and honor of the ancestors before we leave for the last time.

The river walk and ceremony at the bottom of the waterfall was truly beautiful and a gift for everyone involved. We at Africa Shaman Experience are deeply grateful for being able to honor the water fall beings or Makhosi Amadlozi and share the space with the special people walking it.

The walkers are still following the river on their way to the sea, telling their stories. You can follow the progress of this source to sea river walk at their blog site; http://umngeniriverwalk.wordpress.com/

And look out for the posts on Africa Shaman Experience facebook page https://www.facebook.com/africashamanexperience

Some of you will also have already received the Ancestors Messages and Guidance which we have been asked by the ancestors to send out. We thank you for reading, responding and sharing, we will make regular posts of their messages here and hope that you will open your hearts to the gifts of words they give knowing that in their hearts they see it as singing to us. We will quote the ancestors as they speak to us and you will see the word Makhosi at the start and end of each message which is the respectful way for the Sangoma to deliver the messages received.

Dream portals and messages seem to be very open at the moment for everyone and the ancestors/amadlozi are very aware of this and choosing to be very active at this time. Listening to your dreams will be a way to hear the hearts of the ancestral guides and how they wish to be with you as

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your walk your path.

For Sangomas and Shamans dream-time is a vital space for communication and journey. In the altered state of sleep according to the amadlozi, we are more receptive to communication and healing.

For anyone wanting to learn more about their relationship with their ancestors and how to work with them; the Mentorship correspondence course is for you…

The jackal song has been accompanying us throughout our clearing out of the old, reminding us not to be fooled by our own illusions; this is one of Jackals greatest gifts and powerful trickster abilities, in the most sacred of ways. Each night they call and we pause and listen…

“Ubuntu is very difficult to render into a Western language… It is to say, ‘My humanity is caught up, is inextricably bound up, in what is yours.”
Desmond Tutu

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