Medicine Beads & Transformation

Well, summer is well and truly here in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

The summer rains have arrived and all the green abundance that goes with it. Medicinal plants are flowering

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and the medicine trees of the forest are sprouting with new leaf and blossom.

We have been focusing on preparing medicines and making more traditional medicines available on our website.

One of these medicines is an amulet which has medicine inside and is beaded around the outside. This is an old form of traditional medicine that is worn, many Sangomas wear this type of amulet which is particularly prepared with a medicine that will aid their work or help them to be supported during their work.
But it is also recommended for anyone who feels that they need support in a particular issue or area of their life.

It is believed by wearing this medicine your ancestors are able to work with you more closely and your energy body and physical being is protected and uplifted.

The amulet is beaded by the Sangomas who are guided to certain colour beads for that medicine and sometimes the person. Each pouch is filled with a hand made herbal mixture that is then sewn into a large grape sized pouch, the beads are then sewn on carefully around the outside.
There are many types of this medicine and we will be putting more out on the website, so watch this space! If you would like this amulet please click on this link to make an order

Resistance to change seems to be a challenge that we are encountering in many areas of our work.
The ancestors have a lot to say about this as it deeply concerns them in their relationship to our human bodily reality and is something that is deeply entrenched in our being and enhanced by our current social structure.

In the spirit of Ubuntu and community, change was collective as well as individual and so many of the fears that come up around change would have been worked with and supported by the tribal spirit and community. The sense of isolation which often comes with change in our current society would not have been there.

Now, it seems as though change is something that separates us rather than unites us.
What is it we fear so much in the shifts and changes in our lives and why do we fight embracing it?
On a deep level there

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is always the fear of ‘not being okay’, that somehow if things change we aren’t going to be safe, and this doesn’t apply only to major changes, but even the small ones like trying a new idea or changing our view on something…

On the other side of this is the need for growth, none of us feel okay if we feel like our lives are not moving or we are stagnating and so a battle ensues between fear and transformation.

The ancestors have spoken that our fundamental challenge while in body is to be conscious creators, to learn what that means and how that gives us the choice and empowerment to create our earthly life.

Change they say is the fertile soil from which the transformation can take place and fear the great awakener to our truth and question of how worthy we believe we are to receive and how loved we feel in order to give.
By answering these moments with grace and courage we can become the creators we already are, but consciously and in knowing of our presence and ability to be present.

We are asked by the ancestors to see the moments of continuous reaction and choice as a rainbow of opportunity that is a deep expression of our fundamental being and a reflection of our purpose, to suspend our ideas of duality, that all directions will lead us home.

For anyone wanting further guidance or a personal reading and consultation with a Sangoma;

For anyone wanting to learn more about Rituals, Sacred Sites, African tradition, African Shamanism and their personal relationship with their ancestors and how to work with them; the mentorship correspondence course is for you…

“Life is a gift of nature but beautiful living is a gift of wisdom.”
African Proverb

We have created a sister FaceBook page for the Retreat so that you can check in regularly with all the happenings at the retreat with lots of photos and details. Please take a look and click the ‘like’ if inspired.

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