Heart, Communication & the Sacred

Some of you have probably wondered if we still exist, so slow has been our writing and newsletter activity.
Yes, we are here and looking forward to getting back into regular communication with you all.
Living in a rural area has certainly played a part in our pause in communication in the sense of internet connectivity, or lack of, but we are constantly working to improve the situation.

We have been moving between mountain and forest

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in the last few months with people coming and going for retreat in the mighty mountains. During this time much contemplation and work has been happening, the mountains have the capacity to shift a person to the core, with profound moments of great recognition and intimacy with the ancestral spirits.
Other projects have come up, most importantly working with sacred sites and the continued imminent pressure placed on one site in particular.
Howick waterfall and the gorge continue to be a point of discussion, with proposals of development.

Makhosi Sarah, Sangoma and Founder of Africa Shaman Experience has in particular, been in consultations with the people involved in the project development, representing the perspective of the Sangoma and the traditions surrounding the waterfall.
The development is still in early stages and as a more solid picture forms we will let everyone know here what the possible outcome might be. Although we will work with the local Sangomas in and around the site, the participation of people like yourselves who care for the sacred earth spaces and the integrity of spiritual tradition will be humbly asked for help or participation, where you can make a difference.

All sacred sites are an inheritance to all humans on the planet.
For a little more information on the waterfall http://africashamanexperience.com/sangomas-ceremony-at-sacred-waterfall

We continue to go into regular consultation with the ancestors/amadlozi, asking for their input on what we should share on this platform of blog and newsletter. Many of the quotes on our Facebook page come from such conversations with the ancestors. The teachings are relevant no matter where you maybe on your spiritual path

or what part of the world you live in.

We are guided that we should go deeper with some of the teachings from the ancestors and aim to make regular blog posts in this respect.

“There are many dimensions which the ancestors work with. The human mind has been trying to explain these aspects of the cosmos through theory. But the ancestors also encourage that we feel and understand the cosmos in terms of consciousness, and this requires the heart…”
Ancestral Teachings

One of the major path challenges which we come across is the play between heart and mind. It permeates and moves through all aspects of our lives, even when we least expect it. As a shaman and Sangoma this also affects ancestral consciousness which we work with, without an open heart and too much mind, it can block communication and the acceptance of the reality of other dimensions of being.
Every day we are asked to feel the consciousness; “Don’t try to dissect it, break it into pieces for your mind… Feel it…” Say the ancestors…
When we feel, we come to

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a realisation of how it is in our very make up, that we hold heart in all the cells of our body, that heart and feeling is a bridge to all the other aspects of our being.

Heart consciousness means that we do not approach the cosmos with definitions that we are open to the fact that some of it may not make sense to the mind but in the process of intuitive heart sense, it is accepted without the need for definition. This encourages us to see that reality is not set in stone, that structures of reality can be constantly moved and changed around, giving us the role of conscious participants and creators.
The heart allows that consciousness to express the greatest manifestations of love and to allow ourselves to feel what that might mean in the dimensions of being that we have co-created. We cannot put love into compartments and files, hoping that it will stay organised while in its nature it is spontaneous and unlimited.

This is how the ancestors are moved, with the heart. In their spirit forms their hearts are multi-dimensional, influencing more than one reality, enabling them to reach us, even when we aren’t able to be aware of their simultaneous existence in our world and the worlds of others.
When asked they say; this is part of love, the energy of love, the force of love, that it isn’t hard unless we make it so, and that when we meet each other, fall in love, we should know that this consciousness reverberates throughout everything and that to deny love is to deny our existence.

If you would like to donate financially to Africa Shaman Experience, please go to the donate button on our website home page.
(Such donations help us improve the site and work, and help us with practical challenges such as internet connectivity)

For anyone wanting further guidance or a personal reading and consultation with a Sangoma; http://africashamanexperience.com/consulting-a-sangoma-reading-divination-and-ancestral-spirits

For anyone wanting to learn more about Rituals, Sacred Sites, African tradition, African Shamanism and their personal relationship with their ancestors and how to work with them; the mentorship correspondence course is for you… http://africashamanexperience.com/the-african-zulu-shamanism-mentorship-program

“Happiness often sneaks through your door when you leave the door open..” African Proverb

We have created a sister Facebook page for the Africa Shaman Retreat so that you can check in regularly with all the happenings at the retreat with lots of photos and details. Please take a look and click the ‘like’ if inspired. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Africa-Shaman-Retreat/345088325595805


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