Giants Castle & the AmaHlubi

We have been spending time at the homestead site of Africa Shaman Experience, learning more about the land and its people. Part of what calls us to this community and land is that the elder teacher (root of our Sangoma lineage), ancestors come from the AmaHlubi people.
It is very much a coming home with deep ancestral connections, especially for Africa Shaman Experience Founder Makhosi Sarah who was specifically trained by the elder teacher Makhosi Mkhulu Hadebe. The AmaHlubi tribe originated from what today is known as the Congo as part of the downward migration of the eMbo group/nation or amaLala from central Africa, which are a common ancestry of the Nguni tribes. After settling briefly along the Lubombo mountains, a range extending from the North of present day Zululand northwards along the Swaziland-Mozambique border, they went South and settled in what today is known as Natal as far back as the 13th century. The Giants Castle area of the Drakensburg is known to be their ancestral home although historically it stretches further than that.
They have their own traditions, wisdoms and knowledge of ancestral practices and ceremony connected to the land. Historically they also had their own specific attire such as the picture left of the AmaHlubi bride.

We discovered the power of the river which runs close to the homestead site; it had flooded and broken through the bridge on the road. It was a beautiful sight though to see the flood plain doing its job with pockets of marshy mirrors reflecting in the Sun…
The river floods majorly every five years according to the Induna and its name is ‘ncibijwane’, which in translates as ‘the point’ (as in a sharpness, like the tip of a spear), this gives a clue to the presence the river has in the valley; it then runs into the Bushmans river.
All rivers are recognised as having special gifts for the people and the land and all along the river are sacred sites with specific connections to water, land and spirit.
There are numerous springs that feed streams which run into the river and the Induna spoke of one such spring that he had known to be flowing all his life…
It is important in the times we live in that we value our waters of the land; for truly they are a life force that runs through all living beings on this planet.
The Sangomas know this well and it is disturbing to many that this wisdom isn’t always passed on…
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We have experienced our first thunder storms here in KwaZulu-Natal, all be it rather gentle compared to the Summer storms. The first few rains of spring and summer are considered sacred to the Sangoma and the water from the storms is used as a medicine for certain issues when collected at appropriate times.
Each storm is believed to be conscious in its own right and through the sound of the thunder and different kinds of lightening; the Sangoma can work with the frequency of the storm.

In African tradition all things have the potential to be medicine; ultimately it is about the consciousness behind the intention that makes a medicine constructive or destructive, and the heart of the person as to how they receive the medicine…

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‘What you help a child to love can be more important than what you help him to learn.’ ~African Proverb

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  1. Makhosi Sarah Wager

    Mmmm… Not placebo as such… From african perspective and a lot of other shamanic practices… Its the life force and conscious resonance that affects the medicine… knowing that all is alive and all can be worked with… and how to align wiith the life force and consciousness… <3

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