Ancestors Messages and Guidance

All Sangoma Shamans are in regular contact or meditation with the Ancestral guides, the Amadlozi which means ‘desired ones’ on a daily basis. This is part of the work that is required of them for their own well-being and that of the land and community.

This means that they consistently interact with the Consciousness of the Ancestors.

Simply put Ancestral Consciousness is the dimension and reality of collective wisdom, knowledge, awareness, Umoya (life-force, spirit, air), and the frequency of manifestation of the Ancestors or Amadlozi; this can vary from family members to other ancestral beings such as animals, trees and star nations. This is a collective consciousness which is accessed either by individuals or soul groups of beings.

It is the consciousness that all properly trained Sangomas are initiated into in their training as they are called by the Amadlozi to become a Sangoma

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Shaman. The Zulu and African peoples also hold the frequency of this consciousness through their practice of ceremony and offering to the ancestors in their homes.

The Sangomas of Africa Shaman Experience have been guided to make available messages from the Ancestors that apply to all of humanity, no matter race or country. These are messages that apply to All of us; including ourselves as Sangomas.
The Amadlozi stated; “This is a calling from ancestral mother earth who is part of us even in the energy dimension we exist in as Amadlozi. Her song speaks to us and her heart tells us that we must sing to our children too… which is you.”

We will make regular posts of their messages here and hope that you will open your hearts to the gifts of words they give knowing that in their hearts they see it as singing to us. We will quote the ancestors as they speak to us and you will see the word Makhosi at the start and end of each message which is the respectful way for the Sangoma to deliver the messages received.

We hope to share the wisdoms with you so that we can all, truly see that the Amadlozi connect us as those who have walked before us in body and more than that, kept their hearts open to all possible forms they could exist in knowing that we are kindred, knowing that all forms, animal, human, earth and star nations are part of the whole, that is our inheritance and our way forward.

We thank you from our hearts for taking the time to read and listen.
Please feel free to share the messages with anyone you wish to.

Ancestors Message

“We as Amadlozi want to tell you something of the heart path. It is your greatest voice and your greatest listening…
The path of the heart is what bridges you to us, it is what allows us to ‘see’ you. The heart is so much more than a vehicle for blood and body… it is the place

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opens the doors of communication…
By communication we mean ‘commune of being’, that you should realise your community through every heart-beat of all that life beats out in a rhythm throughout the earth being.
We encourage you to feel communication and not focus on thinking it, with this feeling will come a heightened sense of wisdom that is shared in all and everything and on many dimensions.
Heart-speak is emanated through being… and sometimes no words are needed only actions. Actions of the heart that commune with another’s heart and allow them to feel what you are communicating rather than hearing with the mind. You can also speak to yourself this way and allow your being to know what your heart ‘communes’ with you.
When you do this… we too hear you… we feel you… we see you…
You are so amazing in your heart and your physical body can and does reflect all of this, the body best relates to the heart through the core of being that wishes to ‘feel’ its community.
All life meets in the heart and

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all life will transform there…
The earth knows this in all that she transforms within the layers of her being.
We humbly encourage you to join her there as she takes a step to transform her being further,

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in the heart of her core, in the sense of her being-ness…”

With thanks and heart.

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