Ancestors Message & Guidance 28th May

The Sangomas of Africa Shaman Experience have been guided to make available messages from the Ancestors that apply to all of humanity, no matter race or country. These are messages that apply to All of us; including ourselves as Sangomas.

All Sangoma are in regular contact or meditation with the Ancestral guides, the Amadlozi which means ‘desired ones’ on a daily basis. This is part of the work that is required of them for their own well-being and that of the land and community.

We will make regular posts of their messages here and hope that you will open your hearts to the gifts of words they give. We will quote the ancestors as they speak to us and you will see the word Makhosi at the start and end of each message which is the respectful way for the Sangoma to deliver the messages received. We thank you from our hearts for taking the time to read and listen.

Please feel free to share the messages with anyone you wish to.

Ancestors Message

“We would like to let you know about the earth and her consciousness as your amadlozi… ancestor.
She is not separate from you…

She has co-created with all the ancestors that have walked before you as human or otherwise…
She remembers you all because she is first mother…

Even through the bodies you occupy now, she remembers the bodies of those who made your current physical body… and all physical forms are returned to her in one way or another…

Imagine having knowledge of all bodies that you have birthed as a planet…
Think on

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How conscious would that make you…”

“She would like so much for you all to remember this… her love for you is so great in all that she co-creates with you…

For her all conscious action is part of her… and she is in the heart of everything…
Touch her ground and you touch your ancestors… you touch us…
We feel her consciousness still, out of body… not as you do, but as an energy signature or resonance that’s speaks to us… it is a kind of sound that we hear.

Not in the way you recognise sound, but it is sound none the less.
We can touch her as a planet,

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but not as you do… and we feel her in the sense of core and heart.
Every new body conceived and made into human form is a gift of co-creation with her… and she loves to feel the heart-beat of each of you…

Now, She is in great need of your recognition as a conscious, co-creative loving ancestral being…
We ask that you

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spend time each day and sit with her whether touching her soil or grounding and connecting your heart with hers… let her know you love her as mother…

For this we thank you humbly and greatly, for each time you do this we hear it in her sound… her consciousness…”

With thanks and heart.

The Sangomas are available for personal reading-consultation and if you’re interested in learning more about African Shamanism, the Ancestors Consciousness and the Sangoma path, and learn how to communicate more deeply with your Ancestors, the Mentorship is for you… please go to our online Mentorship page:

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