Ancestors Message and Guidance 24th May

All Sangoma Shamans are in regular contact or meditation with the Ancestral guides, the Amadlozi which means ‘desired

ones’ on a daily basis. This is part of the work that

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is required of them for their own well-being and that of the land and community. Simply put Ancestral Consciousness is the dimension and reality of collective wisdom, knowledge, awareness, Umoya (life-force, spirit, air), and the frequency of manifestation of the Ancestors or Amadlozi; this can vary from family members to other ancestral beings such as animals, trees

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and star nations.

The Sangomas of Africa Shaman Experience have been guided to make available messages from the Ancestors that apply to all of humanity, no matter race or country. These are messages that apply to All of us; including ourselves as Sangomas.

We will make regular posts of their messages here and hope that you will open your hearts to the gifts of words they give. We will quote the ancestors as they speak to us and you will see the word Makhosi at the start and end of each message which is the respectful way for the Sangoma to deliver the messages received.

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We thank you from our hearts for taking the time to read and listen.

Please feel free to share the messages with anyone you wish to.

Ancestors Message

“We would like to tell you about Ancestral Resonance. This will help you to understand our connection to you…

Every one of you lives within a specific resonating field of ancestral consciousness. The physical family you are connected to holds a unique vibration or resonance and beyond physicality an interconnected resonance. It is this resonance that is part of your choosing to incarnate into the family your body is connected with.

The beauty of this resonance is that it has no limitation…
It expands; Ancestral resonance is in all, earth, animals, all life.
It is our interconnectedness and our diverse wholeness; by Diverse Wholeness we mean the uniqueness of specific ancestral energy and the connection through union or re-integrating of ancestral energy.

When two people meet, with two specific ancestral resonant groups, choose to share a life and create family, one ancestral resonance affects the other. This then transforms and creates a whole new specific ancestral resonance. Ancestral consciousness and resonance expands…

It creates a web of beautiful vortex strands that emanate from every being and ultimately connect all of us. Touch one strand… all will feel it.

As humans you are all connected, as Ancestors we are all connected. This is how we connect to you…
When you meet another, remember they are holding a beautiful and unique Ancestral Resonance… Know they are your kindred.

When you greet them, see them… Know you greet them and their Ancestral Resonance…
You resonate with the beauty of endless life…

In your unlimited being-ness you share the Ancestral Resonance which connects us all…”

With thanks and heart.

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